How we can help your family

Parents, Know Your Score, NOW!

Know Your Score is the closest thing to “the crystal ball”. Unless you are among the most talented to get a scholarship large enough to cover cost of attendance, funding is primarily dependent on a score that is based upon:

  • Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Whether the school is private or public
  • Your Admissions Quotient (AQ)

Know Your Score before searching for universities. Don’t leave money on the table or waste time pursuing schools that aren’t a match. Just because you get college brochures in the mail does not mean you are getting admitted, or getting free money.


Think your student is going to college on a “full ride” athletic scholarship? The reality is that most don’t. Academic scholarships are far more common, but you can’t assume that your straight A student will necessarily win such an award. Scholarship advisory is part of our process.


Just like filing income taxes, the way you fill out the financial aid form influences the amount and number of checks you’ll write. Proper planning can mean significant savings! We can help you find the best strategies to determine if students will qualify for financial aid –and if so, how to maximize the offer to your student!


For high school staff who wish to help their students and their families make the best decisions, we offer group workshops about college planning.

About Us

Campus Advisers has been a leader in the field of college planning since 2001. We are proud to have helped more than 4,000 families recognize and afford the best college match, i.e. not borrowing your future!

Lisa Hullinger, Managing Partner

Lisa is a College Planning Specialist and the primary contact for the company.  She has been with Campus Advisers since 2012.  As a University of Arizona attendee and mother of two college-aged daughters, Lisa is a beneficiary of the Know Your Score process. In addition to working with students and their families throughout the college journey, Lisa also assists individuals in choosing their best Medicare and Long-Term Care insurance options.  She’s been a licensed agent since 2008. In 2017, she launched Campus Realities, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Campus Realities was formed out of necessity to be the source of awareness and education around the $1.5 trillion of growing student debt.  Our goal is to help students and their families make better college and loan decisions before they are capsized with unforgivable debt that cannot be discharged.  As President, Lisa manages the daily operations as well as any fundraising activities.

Randy B. Stoltz, Founder

Randy started his financial career in 1998 selling insurance.  Identifying an underserved niche in “how to pay for college without going broke” he founded Campus Advisers (CA) in 2001. Two years later, he also started his own financial services practice Stoltz Financial Partners. As CA grew, he asked Lisa Hullinger to become its managing partner. This allowed him to grow his other firm and soon changed the name to Clear Direction Investments. His CA role now is limited to giving the College Money Talk workshops and to support Lisa in the company’s growth. Randy is an Arizona native, growing up in Old Town Scottsdale.  He attended Coronado High School, then earned bachelor degrees from Arizona State University in marketing and finance.

Renee Belanger, Operations Manager

Reneé has been with Campus Advisers since 2016. Renee works alongside Lisa to deliver an exceptional experience that is completely focused on meeting clients’ needs. While she does not work directly with the college planning process, Renee is the key contact for all operational matters including the coordination of successful workshops for parents of college-bound students and the follow up detail which ensues. Reneé was born in Michigan but grew up in Arizona.  She earned her Bachelor Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Grand Canyon University. She and her son live in Mesa, Arizona.

Melody Paroli, Office Assistant

Melody supports the daily operations of many diverse office functions as she brings an extensive experience in sales, marketing and customer relations from several companies including LabCorp and the Wyndham Resorts.  Her background further expanded in small office management operating a popular “coffee bar” in Solvang, California.  She managed several part-time employees’ schedules in all facets of food service. Melody ensures a pleasant client experience for Campus Advisers as our “director of first impressions”. She was born in Miami, FL and earned her Bachelor in Education from the University of Florida.  Melody has lived in Arizona for over 20 years with her husband Luigi.