Athletes, Know Your Score

So you don't go broke!

College Planning for the Student Athlete

Campus Advisers is proud to partner with Jack Renkens and Recruiting Realities to bring the total picture of college planning / financing to student athletes.  “Jack’s Know the Rules is the first thing to never forget” said Randy Stoltz, founder of Campus Advisers.  “I will never forget the first workshop I attended with my two student athletes after Jack emphatically stated, “If they don’t pay, you don’t play!”  Great advice. We are living proof. My kids’ stories can fill pages, hence my passion to join Jack.”

Knowing Your Score is the Key to Winning

“To take Recruiting Realities to a whole new level, we want to make sure you Know Your Score, derived from your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and your student athlete’s Admissions Quotient (AQ).  This means so much to making sure you get the full amount of money available to supplement your athletic scholarship.” Says Lisa Hullinger, partner of Campus Advisers.


1/3 of colleges do not offer athletic scholarships
Most athletic scholarships are partial scholarships
Athletic scholarships vary by sport, school and athlete
Plan to write several checks during your student’s college days.

Unless your student-athlete is among the most talented to get a 100% scholarship, funding is primarily dependent on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), whether the school is private or public and your student athlete’s Admissions Quotient (AQ).

Therefore: Know Your Score before searching colleges/universities, before emailing coaches how good you’d look in the uniform.