Help your high school students make the right decisions

As a high school counselor, teacher, coach, etc. we want you to be prepared to help and inform the families entrusted to your care. We offer workshops to the families of college-bound students at your school.

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College Planning Workshop

These informative workshops outline the basic terms and timelines families need to maximize their students’ chances at financial aid from the colleges and universities of their choice. Our workshops are led by Randy Stoltz, an Arizona native/graduate and founder of Campus Advisers. A top authority in the field who has appeared on Fox News, Randy has counseled thousands of families through the college process, and has been invited to speak at Valley High Schools many times since 2001.

Our workshop will answer such questions as:

  • How much financial aid, if any, can a student expect at any given school?
  • How do you minimize inevitable out-of-pocket expenses while maximizing the quality of a student’s education?
  • Where can a student realistically expect to be accepted?
  • How much will college really cost for all of my students?
  • What loans are available and how do we avoid taking out too much?
  • Do parent and student earnings really count against them when applying for Financial Aid?
  • What tax deductions/credits exist to help pay for college?
  • The truth about scholarships…is a “full ride” a reality for your hard-working student?
  • What assets are “counted” from the universities when seeking financial aid?
  • Can you send your student to a private university for less cost than a state school?
  • Can you pay for college and still retire (at the amount you need)?

SEE what clients have said about us

“I appreciate the updates provided when things need to get done and the detailed information provided. It is also important me that whenever myself or the kids have a question, we get the answers quickly.” 


Ray, Small Business Owner with 2 in College

“Campus Advisers has helped us navigate the intricate and sometimes confusing college application and loan process. Having an advisor to call or email with any kind of question is always reassuring and helpful. Before my first meeting with Lisa at Campus Advisers I found out from my employer that his family use them in the past. He gave them a glowing recommendation and said we would be in good hands and they would help us in this confusing process. I’m so glad that people like Campus Advisers are there for us to help ensure our daughters success in their college endeavor. I’m happy to publicly recommend an endorse Campus Advisers.”


James, Father of Twins

“Campus Advisers has been an invaluable resource during this college preparation for not only my Senior, but all three of my children. There is no way to know all of the expectations, deadlines, and demands of the college application process and projection, and it seems the rules are always changing. Sometimes it has been my interpretation of the expectations and Campus Advisers is always just a phone call or email away for clarification. It has been paramount in this process and also a wonderful experience working with Lisa and Randy. They truly are vested in your child’s future and best interest. Cannot thank them enough.”


Beth, Single Mother of 3 Daughters

“Taking advantage of Campus Advisers services was by far more valuable and time effective than trying to navigate the college financial aid maze by ourselves. Randy and Lisa provided a quality product with punctuality and accuracy, directing us to our options without all the confusion and white noise of the internet onion. Thank you both so very much!!!


Russ and Lori, Parents of 2 College Athletes

“The whole ordeal of college admission, scholarships and student loans is very overwhelming.  For a minimal fee Campus Advisers trusted personnel handles it all and allows us to focus on our businesses and other daily responsibilities, plus we know it’s completed accurately and on time.  We can then help our kids with the other important parts of college…”


Melissa, Parent of 3 in College (2 in Grad School)

“FAFSA can seem like a real mess to wade through.  The care and patience of Campus Advisers takes to walk the parents step by step are wonderful.  I know I can always call on them to help clarify and answer any questions I have during the finances process.  I appreciate all the patience and experience that Campus Advisers offers to help families with figuring out the FAFSA forms.  They have been a blessing.  What a great team! “


Demetra, parent of 2 in Private Christian Colleges

“This is the first go around with a student athlete going to college and the process seemed overwhelming, but Campus Advisers has been helpful in assisting us along the way. We had no idea about actual grants and specific scholarship money that was available as we had always assumed that because our income was high, we would be paying the whole amount to send our child to college.”


Ranjit, Parent of College Bound Athlete

“Campus Advisers is a breath of fresh air for those in the midst of the difficult and complex process of seeking and obtaining information on the college/university recruitment, admissions, financial assistance, and school selection process. The information and advice this organization provides is useful as we attempt to maneuver through the uncertain and challenging process to evaluate hundreds of higher-level education options for our child. Being able to work with experts and consultants in this specialized field ensures that important matters are being properly considered and evaluated. Randy Stoltz and Lisa Hullinger are well qualified to assist anyone that requires knowledge in making these important educational and career decisions. The costs for services provided by Campus Advisers are well worth the investment considering the high costs of higher education today.”


Rick, Parent of Private College-Bound Student

“We love that you helped to navigate us through the complicated process of college financial aid forms. We would of never been to decipher all of the forms in the short amount of time. You were available whenever we had questions and continue to value our relationship.”


Karen, Small Business Owner with 1 in College and Another College Bound

“Gave us the confidence of knowing that we were getting all the financial aid available to us, and that all the paperwork was being handled timely and professionally.” 


Janet, Divorced Mom with 1 in College and Another College Bound